Welcome to the Home of the Coloring Butterflies!


The twenty coloring butterflies that were made for each Wavespell during the previous Tzolkin cycle are now available on this page so you can continue playing with them. You will find them in the glyph order from 1 (Red Dragon) to 20 (Yellow Sun) including a brief reference to their meaning.


You can click on each butterfly and a new page with an enlarged version will open that you can download and print.


Look forward to seeing your beautiful creations and, if you allow me, I will be happy to share them.



Power of Birth

and New Beginnings

Power of Communication

and Movement

Power of Dreaming

and Abundance

Power of Blossoming

and Intention

Power of Passion

and Shedding

Power of Forgiveness

and Closing Cycles

Power of Healing

and Accomplishment

Power of Creativity

and Beauty

Power of Feeling

and Flowing

Power of Love

and Authenticity

Power of Playing

and Humor

Power of Wisdom

and Free Will

Power of Adventure

and Exploration

Power of Magic

and Self-Confidence

Power of Vision

and Freedom

Power of Fearlessness

and Planning

Power of Grounding

and Evolution

Power of Reflection

and Discernment

Power of Transformation

and Self-Generation

Power of Clarity

and Enlightenment


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